Episode 3 (Greece)

Athens : looking for an escape

How to fill the void left by a collapsed world.

The third episode of a documentary series about austerity in Europe.
Available in audio or video, online or as a download
(subtitles available in FRENCH only for the moment!).

Click on the small rectangle shaped icon at the bottom right of the video to activate subtitles, and choose your language.
Available for now : FRENCH only! We urgently need help to translate in the other languages. If you can help, email us at eurowinter@riseup.net.

You can also download the video by clicking on this link (if your browser wants to automatically play it, then right-click on it and choose the option to save the file) :

Download the video in standard quality (205Mo)

Download the video in High Definition (612Mo)

Thanks a lot to Nelly, Stefania, Achilleas and Camille for the video work.
In coproduction with Radiofonies-Europe : http://radiofonies.eu/


If you prefer to listen to the audio-only version of the documentary, you can play it in this simple audio player :


To download the MP3 of this episode, click on this link :

Download Chronicles of a European Winter, Episode 3 (MP3 192 kb/s, 73,1Mb)


Next : Some conclusions about Greece
and the sequel to the project : europa2014


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