The sequel : europa2014

The sequel to the Chronicles of a European Winter is a new project : europa2014.

note : our first crowd-funding campaign for europa2014, in Nobember 2013, unfortunately didn’t succeed.  The full description of the project stays online on the crowd-funding webpage :

We are now looking for other ways to finance the project europa2014.
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The idea of europa2014 came after leaving some questions open at the end of our previous project. After finishing the 3 documentary films of the Chronicles of a European Winter, we realized that in 2012, people living in a Greece hit very hard by the crisis were forced to redefine their life projects.

Towards what? Some interesting thoughts were emerging, but somehow diluted in the constant anxiety and instability provoked by a crisis of an intensity never seen before. We now want to develop further on this question, in countries where a common language will allow a relationship as close as possible to the people : what do people actually want for their own lives in Europe?

 Recordings made in Ireland for the Chronicles of a European Winter will be used for europa2014.