About the project

Chronicles of a European Winter is a documentary series project released on a dedicated website and free to be published in other places.

The aim of the documentaries is to describe the daily lives of people living living in countries affected by the economic crisis and austerity policies, and to attempt to analyse and understand the situation.

The project was first developed as an audio documentary. But it became clear that visual content was also needed. Thanks to the collaboration of visual artists (photographs, editors), all the documentaries are now available as a video.

The first part of the project, completed between November 2011 and April 2013, led to the release of three 50-minute documentaries about the situation in Athens. Recordings were also made in Ireland but they have nott yet been edited. Meanwhile, the images of the first episode have been edites and a series of articles published.

On the 12th of November 2013, one year after a limited release in english and french, the documentary project finally reaches its original international aim with a simultaneous release in greek, italian, spanish, catalan and german, in addition to the french and english versions already available.

For any questions or suggestions : eurowinter@riseup.net

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