Some links to find more information.

To start :

*About Greece :

Portraits of Greece in Crisis : an internet documentary portraying the victims of the Greek crisis. The first episode is well done and extremely moving.

*About the financial crisis :

Inside Job : this documentary film about the financial crisis of 2008-2009 is a reference work.  It is a serious and accurate investigation which illustrates the magnitude of the scandal, without going into too much technical detail.

*To get some distance :

Little man, what now ? , novel by Hans Fallada (original title : Kleiner Mann, was nun ?)
This wonderful novel published in 1932 in Germany relates the beautiful love story of a young couple getting taken into the stream of the early 30’s economical depression in Germany. The everyday life described here is not so much different from the stories heared today in Greece. The similarities of those situations should be a reason to get worried about what is happening.
A classic of german litterature, to read without hesitation.,_What_Now%3F_%28novel%29


To go further :

*About Greece :

Debtocracy, Catastroïka : the two famous online and crowd funded documentaries about the greek debt problem. A lot of things to learn about the causes and knock-on effects of the crisis.

Keep Talking Greece : a daily news website to keep a close eye on how things evolve in Greece. A constant and rich source of informations.


*To get some distance :

The grapes of wrath, novel by John Steinbeck. One of the great classics of american litterature chronicles the suffering of the working poor during the Great Depression. Reading it now gives an interesting perspective on the current situation.

Money, novel by Émile Zola (original title : L’argent). The madness of deregulated stock markets… in the 1860’s ! Plots that are worth the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008…


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