This project wouldn’t have been possible without :

Stefania Mizara : photos

Achilleas Zavallis : photos

Nelly Ollivault : editing and photos for the 1st episode and 3rd episode

Sébsatien Lecordier : editing for the 2nd episode

Camille Pillias : art director for the editing of the 1st episode

Valerie Schmidt : title photo and transaltions

Viviana Delgado : voice

Iféoluwa Babalola : voice

Juliana Hogan : translations

Hélène Lutz : translations

Radiofonies Europe (Benjamin Bibas and Sébastien Lecordier) : production and distribution

leftvision : production and distribution

Paul Jorion and his team : help for the crowd-funding and the publication

All the people who accepeted to testify for the documentary.

All the people who helped by giving hospitality or advices during the shooting.

All those who financially contributed to the crowd-funding call.

And all those who were forgotten.


Étienne Haug (production)