Support the project

Chronicles of a European Winter is an independent non-profit project. As it is registered with a copyleft Creative Commons license, it is impossible to make any profit out of it.

The project started in 2011 thanks to a starting budget of 1959€ collected through a crowd-funding website. Other people helped us directly by contributing to the work : translations, video editing, hosting, contacts…

For the continuation of the project, named europa2014, we would be happy to get help again from those supporting our idea and who liked the Chronicles of a European Winter.

You can do it in different ways :

  • By helping us spreading the project. Our whole content is free of use, with the only condition of citing the authors and this website. You can help us increase its circulation if you have good ideas where to publish these documentaries, online or at other places.
    Find more about publishing the project here.
  • By helping us in our work. There is a huge task left to complete the first part of the project, and even more for what is coming next. If you would like to give us your help, (translating/subtitling, video work, audio work, webdesign, communication, ideas…), contact us directly :
    Find more about giving a hand here.

Thank you very much.


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