Make it circulate

Chronicles of a European Winter offers its whole content for free with the Creative Commons license. It means that all the content of this website can be used for free in any context, without the need to contact us. There is only one condition : it is compulsory to quote the authors and the original website of the project.

There is only one small precision to give :

  • the video versions of the documentary have a condition of NO MODIFICATION (CC-BY-ND license). It means your are NOT allowed to reedit it or to cut excerpts out of it.
  • The rest of the content (audio, articles) is open to modifications, with the condition to mention that it has been modified.

We wish to make the circulation of this project as wide as possible. It means you are encouraged to get the contents and spread them anywhere you can, on internet or in real life.

You could first copy the links of the videos and sounds and post it somewhere else, as well as copy/paste the articles to publish it on an other page.

You can also download the videos, sounds and articles to upload them on other platforms on internet, or even broadcast them out of the internet : radios, TVs, newspapers…

If you want to promote the project without publishing a whole video on your site, you can download this small “publishing kit” containing a 4 minutes video teaser, two high resolution photographs, a small presentation text and a few indications about the whole :

download the press kit (30 Mb)

Thanks a lot for your interest.


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