Work with us

We also need some help for our new project, europa2014, which will be this time retributed. If you think being able to help us, contact us : .

The call for help is still going on to finalize the first three episodes. We still need :

  • translators to publish new subtitles in greek, spanish, portugese, italian, german, etc…


And for the new project europa2014 (work from December 2013 to Mai 2014 :

We are open to any kind of collaborations to improve and develop the project, for example :

  • help in documentary writing and directing
  • help in sound production : recording, editing, mixing
  • help in image production : photographers, filmmakers, editors, graphic designers
  • Voice over : vocal actors for readings
  • Translator/interpret for the following languages : greek/italian/spanish/portugese/english to english or french
  • help for the diffusion : communication, contacts to media, internet campaigns, or classical distribution (radio/video/cinema)
  • webdesign and graphic design

Don’t hesitate if you think you can help us, even for a few hours of work only, or just to share some ideas :


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